Spring Outfit Ideas

Hey y’all! Happy Saturday! The weather has been so warm and nice here recently, I think I might try to go to the beach soon.

About a month ago I got my senior pictures taken and absolutely loved how they turned out and my outfits so I thought I would share them with y’all! We took them in Downtown Wilmington.


The blue peplum top is by Free People and my off the shoulder coral/ orange top is from Julie’s Boutique!

My pictures were done by “The Photographerette” on Facebook.


Winter to Spring: OOTD

Hey y’all!

Sorry I haven’t posted for a while, I just wasn’t feeling inspired. I have decided that I want to put more effort into each post I put up so from now on I will be posting once a week, on Sunday. You might get a few bonus posts here and there, but make sure you come back every Sunday for a new post.

I live on the coast of North Carolina, which means that one day it can be 40 degrees and over night the temp. can jump up to 70. It can be hard sometimes to adjust your wardrobe from winter to spring when one day you are all bundled up and then in a tank top the very next. The day I shot these photos it was pretty cold outside.
























My loose cream colored sweater is from H&M, jeans are the “original skinny” from Old Navy, and my bag is a Long champ Le Pilage Small shoulder tote.

I for one cannot wait for the upcoming spring and summer months!

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What’s in My Purse: Longchamp Le Pliage Small Shoulder Tote

Hey y’all! For Christmas I got a Longchamp Le Pliage Small Shoulder Tote! I have wanted one of these bags for about 4 years. I love it and have been using it every time I go out.


This picture doesn’t do this bag justice. I got mine in a olive green color which is called “Khaki”. It is a nylon material so it is very durable material. You can fit so much in here! If I didn’t zip it, my laptop could even fit in it.

What’s in my Purse:

Lip Products: Chapstick & Peach Lip balm by Covergirl
Wallet by Fossil
New 2017 Planner from Target
Glasses case
Water bottle

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See ya on Sunday!


Black Friday Haul 2016

Hey y’all! I hope every one had a Happy Thanksgiving and Black Friday. We had some really good food this year. I made mini apple pies and homemade stuffing, which I will have a recipe post coming soon about!

This year I technically didn’t go “Black Friday” shopping. I went to Old Navy on Wednesday night because that is when their deals started and I figured it would be less crowded, there was only like 10 people shopping. On Thursday I went to Belk, Ulta, Michaels, and Walmart.

Old Navy:



I can not wait to style these boots! I see them all the time on Pinterest. They were only $20.
This Gray top is so comfy and it was only $12





I am so over spending so much money for candles at Bath & Body Works so I decided to get 2 candles from Michaels, each $2




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4 Thanksgiving / Fall Outfit Ideas

Hey y’all! If you live in the states that means this Thursday you are going to celebrate Thanksgiving with your friends and family! In honor this, today’s post is going to be some outfit inspiration! I came up with 4 different outfits that can give you some ideas for a casual or more formal thanksgiving!

Outfit 1:

If your family does a more formal thanksgiving, this dress from Old Navy is perfect! Its super flowy and comfy, but still festive looking.



Outfit 2:

A sweater is always a good option. You can dress it up or down. I love this red New Direction sweater from Belk because it’s a light weight sweater; perfect for the North Carolina coast weather!



Outfit 3:

Nothing says casual like a good old flannel. Pair this with a cute pair of booties and your all set! This flannel is one of the boyfriend flannels from Old Navy.



Outfit 4:

Now if you want to get really trendy and have those pinterest vibes, why not go with a wrap sweater thing ( lol not 100% sure what to call it ). The one I’m wearing now is from Belk’s


Leave me a comment down below of what outfit is your favorite! Hope this post gave you some inspiration! Don’t forget to check back on Tuesday to see a new post all about black Friday!


Fall Fashion Haul

Hey y’all! It is finally starting to feel like fall…or at least for this week. Next week it’s supposed to be in the high 70s low 80s lol. Anyway’s I love dressing for fall, it’s my favorite season as far as fashion goes. Plus I love thanksgiving.

This past week I went to Old Navy and found some really cute pieces. Old Navy is one of my favorite stores. If you took a look in my closet literally 50% of it would be from there. Let’s get into the reason you all clicked on this post…the clothes.


Floral Dress


Black Dress



It’s so hard me to find fall and winter dresses so I would say this shopping trip was successful! I can’t with to wear everything!

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