Top Favorite Holiday Recipes

Hey y’all! welcome to Blogmas day 6. Today’s post is going to be all about my top favorite holiday recipes and food.

  • Gingerbread cookies. I love decorating (and eating) these cookies. This recipe is my favorite because the cookies are soft!
  • Ham and stuffing. 2 essential Christmas dinner items. I will actually have a recipe on homemade stuffing going up another day this December for blogmas so look out for that!
  • Mint Oreo Truffles these are always the best!
  • Sausage balls. These are a new thing for me. Last year was the first time I had made them, but let me tell you these are sooo good. A post will also be coming about these as well.
  • White chocolate Chex Mix. Chex mix covered in white chocolate…who doesn’t love that.


Writing this post made me want to go eat all of the food right now lol. Comment down below what your favorite holiday foods are!

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