DIY Christmas Stockings

Hey y’all! Welcome to “Blogmas” day 5. Sorry I didn’t post anything yesterday, but I decided I’m not going to be posting on Sundays during the holidays. Just so I have 1 day a week to relax.

I am a senior in High school and we are required to do a “graduation project”. I chose to learn how to sew and actually made a really cute swing dress that I will probably show you guys soon. I thought it would be cute to sew everyone in my family a stocking for christmas!

The first thing I did was go and buy 5 different patterned cotton fabrics ( a different one for each person). I got 3/4 yd. of each because I wasn’t sure how big I was going to make them. I can actually end up making 2 stockings out of each 3/4 yd so now I am going to be making 10 stockings!

I traced a stocking that we already had so that I could cut out the fabric.

FullSizeRender 37.jpg


FullSizeRender 38.jpg

Once you have finished cutting the fabric out, sewing it is pretty simple. There are many tutorials on youtube if you are nor sure what to do. I used a piece of scrap fabric to practice on first so I wouldn’t mess up any of the Christmas prints! It’s super easy to do, even if you are not a wiz on the sewing machine ( I’m not either! ). If I can do it, you can too, I promise.

The stockings I have made so far:

IMG_3296 2.JPG

IMG_3298 2.JPG

IMG_3299 2.JPG

Comment down below your favorite. Mine is the one with the little dogs on it! I made it for my puppy’s first Christmas. I hope this gave you some inspiration and that you make some too!

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