How To Survive Black Friday & Shop Like A Pro

Hey y’all! You guys know what’s coming this Friday, right? No…not the food baby from Thursday’s dinner. BLACK FRIDAY! If you’ve never been Black Friday shopping before, this year is when everything changes. Because you’re going. Yes, you are. I love going Black Friday shopping to get cute new fall and winter clothes and Christmas presents. I know everyone has their different opinions about it, but I think it’s so much fun and where we live it’s not too crowded. Today’s post is going to be about to shop Black Friday like a pro. 
First off, you need to figure out where you want to go shop, and what you want to get from those stores. Thursday morning is when the sales paper comes out, but if you don’t want to get the local newspaper you can look at the flyers online (p.s. most are already out). So we like to look through the sales flyers, and check out stores such as Khols, Belk, and Old Navy for clothes, and Target, Best Buy, and Walmart for electronics. Ulta, Michaels, and Bath and Body Works are also good ads to look at. 

Once you have an idea of stores and items, make a list. Also, try to figure out a schedule. What stores to hit when, (especially if the sales are a specific time period) and which stores are priority. We also order quite a bit online. For example we always order a bunch of stuff from Khols online; boots, blankets, clothes, and any other good deals they are having. 

Our Black Friday plan: 

Since my mom and I are definitely more night owls than early birds, we will be going on Thursday night. We usually leave about 7 and stay out until 1-2 in the morning. As far as stores go we are planning on Belk, Michaels, Old Navy, Ulta, and Walmart. 

Leave a comment down below where you are going for Black Friday! 

Make sure to follow this blog so you can see my Black Friday haul coming up on Friday!



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