How I Organize My Planner

Hey y’all! Can you believe there are only 10 days until Thanksgiving? Well if you celebrate it that is. Today’s post is going to be all about planner organization. 

I feel as if there are 2 types of people in this world; the ones who use a planner and the ones who don’t. I am definitely a planner type of gal. I like to see what I’m doing and what needs to get done. It also shows you how productive you are because you can look and see “wow I was really social and busy this week” or “all I did was watch criminal minds”. 

As I have gotten older the need for a planner has become more apparent. I have used many different types of planners, but my favorite are the Day Designer ones you can get at Target! They are my favorite because it includes a little “To Do” section for everyday. Today I’m going to share with you all how I organize my planner.

This is my monthly overview. I use this for appointments, work, social stuff, trips, church, and pretty much everything except school assignments. I separate each category with a different type of pen and highlighter combo. But it’s really not nessary. I just do it because I think it looks better.

This is a weekly view. I love this planner because on one side you can put assignments that sat due or events and such you are to. Then on the right side you can write down your To Do List which I think is great!
Leave me a comment down below what your favorite brand of planner is! I think I might get a new one come January. Make sure to follow this blog so you can be notified every time I post!



3 thoughts on “How I Organize My Planner

  1. I have the same day designer from target but with a different pattern and I love it for high school, but when I’m in college next year I’m wanting to get one of the bigger day designer planners that has the 5-9 daily schedule since I’ll just be even busier! Great post, I followed πŸ™‚



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