Top Drugstore Setting Powder for Oily Skin

Hey y’all! Happy Friday! Obviously from the title you can tell that today’s post is going to be all about setting powder for oily skin.

If you have been reading this blog for a while you probably know that I have oily skin and struggle a lot with it. It’s hard trying to keep your face from looking like an oily grease ball with out your makeup looking too cakey. Also, who honestly has time to reapply powder every 2-3 hours? Maybe I’m the only who doesn’t… but I have a feeling I’m not.  Needless to say, I have tried MANY different types and brands of setting powder and think I have finally found one worth mentioning!


You can buy this at Walmart for about $6.00. This is the only powder that I have found that actually keeps my makeup looking decent throughout the day. Plus, it’s a dupe for the Laura Mercier  Secret Brightening Powder. This powder is purely a setting powder as it comes in translucent, so if you are looking for a powder that will give you extra coverage; this is not the one for you. There is a slight aroma that reminds me of my grandma, but honestly its not that bad and after a while you get use to it.

Leave me a comment down below telling me what you’re favorite setting powder is!

Hopefully you found this post helpful in some type of way and enjoyed it! I would love it if you would follow my blog so you are notified every time I post; which is Sundays, Tuesdays, and Fridays!



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