First Week of Senior Year

Hey y’all! Sorry I haven’t posted in a while, school started and I was just getting back in the swing of things. Well last week was the start of senior year of High School for me and I thought I would right a post about my thoughts.

I guess I should start off by telling you guys what my schedule is, which is amazing by the way. My school goes by semester so we have 4 periods a day each 1 1/2 hours from 8:30-3:35. We have this program at my school where juniors and seniors can take classes at our local community college for free and get high school and college credit. I decided to do this program, so from 10-12 on Monday’s, Wednesday’s, and Friday’s I have a math and Spanish class at the college. At the high school I have H. English 4 everyday from 2-3:35. On Tuesday’s and Thursday’s I don’t have to go to school until 2. I love this schedule because I’m not locked in one building for 7 hours everyday, plus I get to wake up later and eat lunch at home.

I would say this week was pretty good, probably the best first week of school I’ve ever had. My only complaint is that someone was parking in spot at the high school everyday last week. I finally convinced the administration to just let me switch spots so I wouldn’t have to deal with this everyday.I also got a cold, but that doesn’t really have to do with school. I think this year I am going to be a lot less stressed and will have time to actually enjoy being able to hang out with my friends and have fun. All in all I have high hopes for senior year.

Make sure you subscribe so you will be notified next time I post. I am going to try to get on a schedule of posting 3 times a week. Hope you have a great day!



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