Tart Amazonian Clay Full Coverage Foundation First Impression / Review

Hey y’all! Over the weekend I went to Sephora and picked up a new foundation. I have terrible luck with foundations/ BB creams. All that I get seem to be too peachy toned or oxidize on me. Plus I have quite a bit of acne scars so I need pretty full coverage. This I did my research before I went and bought another foundation; I did not want to waste my money. After swatching foundations, looking up reviews, and watching videos on YouTube about  some different foundations I decided to go with the Tarte Amazonian Clay Full Coverage Foundation. This foundation is supposed to last 12 hours and be full coverage, but look natural at the same time.


One thing that I immediately liked about this foundation is that on the packaging it tells you the color  and if it is for pink or yellow undertones. This already cuts your color picking process down if you know what type of tone you are looking for. I needed a yellow toned foundation to blend in best with my skin to make it look as natural as possible. I ended up getting the color light-medium sand. This color matches my skin tone and color pretty well.

9 AM:IMG_2672IMG_2670

5 PM: IMG_2696IMG_2692IMG_2693

So I tested this for 8 hours instead of 12, but honestly with a little touchup with powder it could totally withstand the test. I was out and about in the hot sun for about an hour today walking around. I think this foundation definitely passed the test. Besides being a little oily, everything else was perfectly fine. It didn’t separate and start oxidizing or look to cakey. I would recommend only using a tiny amount when applying it though so it doesn’t start to look cakey throughout the day. As far as it being full coverage, I still had to use my concealers to cover some blemishes and color correct.

If you have oily skin or acne or acne scars and are thinking about trying this foundation, I would say give it a whirl. It is definitely worth checking out.

I hope this helped some of you. Leave me a comment down below telling me what your favorite foundation is and if you think I might like it! As always don’t forget to follow this blog and my instagram and pinterest. I will see you all tomorrow with another post!



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