Bachelor in Paradise S3 Episode 2 & 3 Recap

Hey y’all! So I decided after watching BIP that I wanted to start doing weekly recaps on the episodes and share my thoughts on the show. The Bachelor, Bachelorette, and BIP are my favorite reality tv shows to watch because they are so dramatic that its insanely funny to me. Let’s go ahead and get started with episode 2!

Episode 2:

  • So episode 2 first started out with Chad leaving which I was so very happy about. I feel as if he was only brought onto the show to cause more drama and I was getting tired of him ( and he was only there for ONE episode! ).
  • After Chad left Leah came walking down the stairs with of course, a date card and intentions of taking Chad on the date. I feel as if she should have just left after finding out he wasn’t on the show anymore but whatever. She decides to take Nick on the date instead and from my impression Nick wasn’t really into her.
  • Probably from some plays by the film crew as soon as Nick and Leah get back from their date, Nick is handed a date and chooses Amanda. I really like them together and think Amanda should go for Nick instead of Josh, but thats another point.
  • All while this is happening Lace and Grant start hanging out together and end up hooking up. Even though Lace is a little crazy I like these two together. I think they are cute.
  • At the rose ceremony Jubilee and Leah went home. Also it was so sweet what Daniel told Sarah while he was giving her his rose💕
  • Josh Murray: As soon as Josh arrives he immediately begins to talk with all of the girls to pick one to go on the date with him. He chooses Amanda. Honestly I think this situation is messed up. To me Josh comes across as very arrogant and cocky. When Josh and Amanda get back from their date it seems as if they are almost flaunting it in Nick’s face ( who gave Amanda his rose and really likes her ). You can see them making out in front of everyone.
  • Carly & Evan’s Date: I was laughing the whole time through this date. This was the stupidest date ever. I kind of feel bad for Evan because Carly is leading him on, but you would think he would be able tell that she just isn’t all that in to him. This may sound bad to say but he should just go home.
  • One of the last scenes of this episode was Emily trying to make Jared kiss her. This part was so funny. I don’t understand though, so many girls go to BIP and are attractive to him and love him so much, but it is never shown on the show that he pursues any of them. It is portrayed that all the girls go after him, but he never chases after them which is hilarious.

Episode 3:

  • So this episode first starts off with Amanda and Josh making out as this was a reoccurring thing. I think this episode could of done without all it.
  • Christian comes in and asks Sarah on a date which resulted in Daniel getting a little jealous and creating his own date for her. Honestly Daniel has just become very sweet. 
  • Carly breaks up with Evan and this sends him into a downward spiral ( I was cringing in embarrassment for him).
  • This new guy comes in, I forgot his name, but he took Haley out in a date and he was just really boring and clueless ( Haley & Emily switched halfway through the date and he didn’t even notice!?!? )
  • This episode basically consisted of Evan drowning in his sorrows and trying to regain his confidence and Amanda & Josh making out. 

I can’t wait til next week to find out what happens next! If you want me to continue these type of recaps let me know by commenting down below. I would love to hear your thoughts on these 2 episodes! Make sure to follow my blog for more!



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