How to Have a Productive Summer

Hey y’all! My name is Emily and this is my very first post, how exciting! Welcome to my little corner of the internet where I am going to share with you all about beauty, fashion, traveling, and just random life things.


Today I am going to be sharing with you all 5 tips I have for having a productive summer. During the summer it is so easy to just lay in your bed and watch Netflix for the entire day. It’s okay to have those days every once in a while, but when summer comes to a close you do not want to look back and think ” I was a lazy bum all summer. I did diddly squat.” To ensure you actually have a fun and productive summer, lets get into the tips:


Have A Planner ( and actually use it )

I know what you all are thinking, who really uses a planner in the summer, you have no school work. Well, every Sunday I get out my planner and plan out my week. I put in it what days I have to work and then I think about what I could do with my friends and who I haven’t seen in a while. Having a planner gives me the chance to see the exorbitant amount of free time I actually have. ( P.S. If you want me to do another post on how I organize my planner I can totally do one! )

Wake Up at a Decent Time

I know, I know who wants to wake up before 9 during the summer. Definitely not me, I would much rather go to bed at 2 am and wake up at 11, but whenever I do that I am just never productive. This summer on most days I wake up around 7:45 because I am nannying this little girl and she comes over at 8. As much as I don’t want to get out of the bed I do and honestly, it feels as if I get so much more accomplished since I am up at a decent time. I would try to get to bed by midnight and wake up no later than 9 to have a productive day.

 Drink Water

So you may be wondering, “How does water make me more productive”? This is simple. Drinking water makes you feel hydrated, and when you are hydrated you automatically feel better because your body feels better, hence you will have a greater chance of getting stuff done and having a productive day.


Exercise is proven to make you feel better and less tired so of course you will be more productive throughout the rest of the day. It’s probably a good idea to try to exercise towards the morning, but honestly I like going on walks in the evening because it is not as hot.

Keep Your Room Clean

When your room is a cluttered mess ( like mine is as I am writing this because I have been procrastinating ) it’s hard to get your thoughts straight. Who wants to be productive if their mind is in as much chaos as their room.

I hope you guys enjoyed my very first blog post!!!! If you found it helpful in anyway please let me know by commenting down below. I am going to be posting every day for the rest of July so that I can get a lot of content out there. Please follow this blog so you will be notified every time I post!


– Em Marie


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